We’re Extreme!

CaptureThanks to Dorkly for featuring us in their “12 Geeky Gun Replicas That Took Things to the EXTREME” article. I wonder if the Phaser guy from #2 would be up for a trade?

Talking about our geeky guns, would you believe we’ve almost finished designing our Empire Strikes Back (ESB) version of our DL44?  A couple more greeblies to design and the’ll be ready for sale!


We saw Guardians of the Galaxy this weekend and are furiously working on a Steampunk Starlord costume for SLC Comic Con! Definitely worth going to see if you haven’t already.

Update:  It ended up being a Groot costume, so “We are Groot” after all!


krista and Groot


Supernatural plushies

We’d like to welcome the fine boys from Supernatural to our plushie family.  Who wants to have a sleepover and braid Sam’s hair?

You can make them your own at our Etsy store:  www.etsy.com/shop/3PennyMarket

We are coming to Steam Fest 2014

Our little travelling emporium will next appear at Salt City Steamfest in Salt Lake City on August 1st and 2nd. Come dressed in your Victorian best and join us at the Sheraton hotel in Salt Lake City for a very old fashioned good time. We will have a variety of delightful accoutrements, cosplay firearms, timepieces, and other Steampunk paraphernalia for you to peruse. Tickets and other information can be found at www.facebook.com/saltcitysteamfest or www.saltcitysteamfest.com. Hope to see you there!


ComicCon FanX was great!

Thanks to everyone who stopped by and saw us at ComicCon – we had a great time and we so impressed by the creativity and hilarity of your costumes!  Tables already booked for September ComicCon – who should we make plushies of this time? booth2 TJ & Krista of Three Penny Market