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Festival headdresses and hair falls

Let your imagination run wild while wearing one of our festival headdresses or hair falls. Now you can change up the color or style of your hair in minutes by adding these easy extensions. Bring your character or cosplay to life – now available on our Etsy shop! 



Glamour Shots

Glamour shots of our booth at Salt Lake City Comic Con before the crowds descend :


Scenes from Fear Con:


Can’t wait for the new season of Stranger Things? Come visit us at Fear Con this weekend and pick them up in all their plushie adorableness – or get them from our Etsy shop!

Christmas Lights

We were at the Beehive Bazaar and Dickens’ Christmas Festival last couple of weeks.  It’s great to have an “excuse” to drape all our pretties in Christmas lights, we may need to use them year round!